Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snack Idea Before Dinner

It's been busy since I've been back from Edmonton and my body is in yoga withdrawal. Getting lunches and dinners together has been difficult this week as Chris and I have been getting home late.

Yesterday I was able to pop into TNT (an Asian supermarket) down the street between patients to pick up some edamame or soybeans. It was so easy and quick that it was the perfect snack when we got home starving and we had to wait for our veggie stir-fry to finish cooking. Threw the frozen edamame in some salted boiling water for 2 minutes, drained them, and then shook them with some large sea salt crystals and a mix of hot spices. We munched away while our dinner was cooking! Almost as tasty as the edamame we love at Kinki (sushi restaurant) in Ottawa.

My dad would be shocked seeing us pay for and eat a bag of soybeans, a crop that caused him so much stress over the years!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Personal Yoga Boot Camp

Wow. I'm just about to leave Edmonton after an intense 5 day personal yoga boot camp. I feel amazing. I came out on Thursday to visit my sister and check out her new Moksha yoga studio. Little did I know what I was in for! I ended up making the visit a little personal challenge - I did 2 classes a day for the time I was here and by the last class I took today, I could noticeably see and feel the difference in my flexibility and strength.

More importantly, I think it's important to sometimes step out of the regular hustle and bustle of life and challenge yourself to reawaken your health, vision, and goals. It doesn't even have to be yoga.... I guess it could be to challenge yourself to sit in stillness for 15 minutes a day, quit drinking pop for a week, write down what you are grateful for everyday for a month, or walk everyday for 20 minutes for a month.

I am grateful that I had this opportunity and thank Ang for kicking my butt everyday for the last 5 days..... my thighs and triceps thank her as well.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Artificial Sweetners Make You Fat!

I was so happy, (almost vindicated!), when I read the Globe this morning and in the Life section there was an article explaining why artificial sweeteners make you fat.

When patients come to see me for weight loss, a common thing I see in their diet diaries is diet pop or low-fat, fat-free stuff - things with artificial sweeteners - even with Splenda, the sweetener many try to convince me that is "good". I always try to explain how I would rather see them eat/drink real sugar because at least your body knows what to do with sugar. Artificial sweeteners confuse the body's messaging systems - your body doesn't know how to react! I could rant forever.....

You can't fool nature.... Switch your pop for water and you will start to feel better!

Key Lime Pie (made from avocado!)

Thanks to Leona from Mom's Time Out for giving me this amazing recipe! Apparently it comes from "Raw Foods Made Easy"..... It really was easy, taking less than 30 minutes to prepare!

First I made the almond crust by taking 2 1/4 cups of ground almonds, 3/4 cup pitted, unsoaked medjool dates, and 1/4 tsp sea salt and processing in a food processor until it began to stick together. I then scooped it into a pie pan and distributed the crumbs evenly along the bottom and up the sides of the pan and then placed in the freezer for 15 minutes while I prepared the key lime mousse.

Put 3/4 cup mashed avocado (1 1/2 avocados), 1/4 cup agave nectar, and 2 Tbsp fresh lime juice in a food processor and process until smooth. I then removed the crust from the freezer and spread the mousse over the bottom. I had fresh blueberries on hand, so I just sprinkled them on top and chilled for 2 hours.

So Friday night was "raw food night" in our house. I made a raw food pizza (crust was made of quinoa and adzuki beans) with cauliflower, beets, and sweet potato as the topping. Turned out pretty tasty except not crisp enough (didn't let the ingredients cool enough before processing I think!).

So after dinner I told Chris that I made a delicious new pie for dessert - mmmmmmm - Key Lime Pie - he was happy (as he usually is when there is dessert mentioned!) until I made a fatal mistake - I let it slip that avocado was in the pie! Ruined! He didn't even want to try it.

I, however dove right in - it truly was delicious and I don't think anyone would have noticed that it was made from avocadoes! Next time I probably would try making individual little tartlets just to make it look even more beautiful and to keep me from eating as much as I did!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

More on Bisphenol A - Parents Be Aware!

More research out on bisphenol A - this time confirming the suspicions in plastic baby bottles!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mom's Group Detox

Just got back from one of my mom's group, group detoxes. It was the third and final get together so we talked about the reintroduction of foods and of course chatted about some "cheats", and more recipes. I love this mom's group. They are such a motivated group of women that really are trying to achieve the best health possible - not only for themselves but their families. It is people like this that really remind me what a wonderful profession I'm in and choose to practice.