Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Pesto Pasta


Today is detox day 4. Doing great.... yesterday was a touch hungry because I didn't bring enough snacks to work.

Last night for dinner we whipped up something in 20 minutes. Got the brown rice pasta boiling while I made a parsley pecan pesto (no dairy - completely detox friendly!), sauteed a bunch of asparagus, threw in a can of tuna (but could have done chickpeas instead), and then mixed the pesto with the asparagus and tuna. By the time that was done the pasta was finished cooking so we mixed it all together and presto... delicious pesto pasta!!!!

This Sunday may be tricky as we are going to the Buffalo Bills game..... I think my husband Chris will be starting this detox on Monday instead of tomorrow as planned!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Detox Day 1

Ok so summer is over, trips are done for now and autumn is coming.... DETOX TIME!

Today is day 1. So far I've had my Metabolic Cleanse shake for breakfast, a lentil and sweet potato and leek soup, a cup of cooked beets, a peach and lots of almonds. Since we got back from Chicago late last night we haven't had a chance to do groceries so nothing is on the menu for tonight as of yet. I'll have to grab some stuff on my way home!

So far so good.

Hurricane Ike

Chris and I just got back from the "windy" (more like rainy) city of Chicago. Fabulous city!

We flew in on Friday morning and flew out on Monday night. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we toted around umbrellas making the best of the wrath of Hurricane Ike. We were lucky as some parts of Chicago were completely flooded!

We saw as many sights and neighbourhoods as we could and spent some of the wettest times inside at the Art Institute and restaurants. We went to some fantastic places to eat - so if you are ever in Chicago and looking for an upscale vegetarian restaurant (Green Zebra), a hip Japanese spot (Japonais), a small plates, tapas style dining experience (avec), or a Mediterranean inspired localavore chef (Naha) try these spots out.

So between eating and shopping we stayed dry and had a great long weekend.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dalton McGuinty and David Rocco Do Hip Cooking Video

As most of Ontario knows (or should know) Premier Dalton McGuinty is big on education. Last year the Ontario government started the daunting task of trying to eliminate junk food from our schools and promoting healthy eating.

This video is of David Rocco (I love his show on the Food Network!!), the Premier and a few kids on a farm in Ontario talking about the benefits of eating locally, how good our Ontario produce is, and of course demonstrating how to cook a quick couscous salad.

I love the music in this video too!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Baron Baptiste to the rescue!

Wow. After a weekend of eating I was glad that Ang was in town. We went for a walk after dinner so I could show her our neighbourhood and work off some of the perogies and the dessert bonanza that was this weekend.

When we got home she took me through 30 minutes of power flow yoga that she recently did additional training in, in NYC. What a fantastic workout - now I have to find a Baptiste DVD so I can try to do some on my own. This yoga is definitely not for beginners.

90% of the time be good.....

Well remember that saying in the last blog - this weekend clearly wasn't one of those times....

We had brunch with our good friends Kirsten and Matthew on Sunday at the Drake. Kirsten suggested the Drake because it has a variety of breakfasts so everyone would be happy. I had the yogurt and granola and fruit - can't go wrong with this and I also knew there were perogies in my future that day as my parents and my sister were coming over for dinner!

Problem came when Kirsten gave Chris his birthday gift in a beautiful green box. She spent the morning baking cookies and brownies topped with this fudgey icing and layering them carefully in the box. The 4 of us also discussed more ideas of food network tv shows as Kirsten is a great cook and baker... I could take her recipes and make some substitutions to make them healthy! (Apparently I would be the one that would take all the fun out of recipes!)

Tofu Medallions Wrapped in Kale

It was Chris' birthday on Saturday - it was a weekend packed with events and friends and family to see. Saturday night we were off to our friends Aaron and Kevin's for dinner at their new house. I said I would bring dessert - Chris' favourite - World Class Chocolate ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and they said they would take care of the rest.

So impressed.... it was a delicious and healthy meal.... They warned Chris that he would hate dinner but love dessert. We started with a mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes. The main course was brown rice, and grilled mixed vegetables AND the best part - tofu medallions wrapped in kale. I begged them for the recipe but no luck - I'm on my own to figure out how they wrapped a tasty tofu mixture in a leaf of kale. Watch for later blog on my attempt at this!

Dessert was debacherous I fear. Aaron also baked chocolate chip cookies to go along with the ice cream cake that I brought. If any patients are reading this - remember what I always say: "I'm not here to take away all the pleasures of life. 90% of the time be good and then the other 10% of the time enjoy yourself."

Thank you for a lovely evening Aaron and Kevin and thank you to D et D!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Saucy stir-fry

One of the things that stresses alot of people out is thinking of new things for dinners. Last night I remembered a recipe from a magazine that I had read that was brought to me from one of my patients and decided to whip it up (of course with some minor changes!). It took me less than 30 minutes prep time included!

I cut up a red and green pepper, a zucchini, a head of broccoli and some mushrooms. I sauteed some garlic with the mushrooms while cutting the other vegetables. Added the veggies while I made the sauce. I mixed 1/4 cup of Pomegranate juice, 1/4 cup of Braggs, 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar and 1 tsp honey. I slowly added 2 Tbsp of arrowroot powder to thicken the sauce and then poured the whole mixture in with the veggies. While this was cooking I made the quinoa and picked Chris up from the subway. Came back 10 minutes later the stir-fry thickened up nicely, the quinoa was ready and we were starving and ready to eat. Turned out wonderful.... Next time I would have added a bit more pomegranate juice to flavour it up even more and maybe top with some pomegranate seeds and hemp seeds to add some crunch.

School lunches - here we go again!

With the recent listeriosis outbreak in deli-meats, many parents are stressed over what to pack for the kids (or themselves!) for lunch.

The September newsletter includes 2 easy lunches - grilled veggie pinwheel sandwiches and chicken and pineapple skewers. Another thought includes making a bean spread for a wrap and adding some vegetables - you could put a cup of cooked adzuki beans/lentils/chickpeas in a blender with a 1/4 cup salsa, spread the mixture on a wrap and throw in some spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers, or whatever veggie mixture your kids will eat and roll it up for them!

You can always put together your own "lunchable" in a tupperware - a few pieces of grilled chicken from the night before, a small bunch of grapes, a few tablespoons of hummus or healthy dip, some celery/carrots/cucumbers and maybe a few rice crackers. A lunch doesn't have to be a salad. It just takes some time to think of or seek out other options and break out of the sandwich rut!