Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mindshift Ninja?

Love the name of this company. It's why I took a second look at them. Health is not just the physical and this week's Bell #letstalk campaign reminded us of this. The WHO has said 'There is no health without mental health' and Mindshift Ninja helps their clients train the brain to achieve goals. Here's an interview with the owners. You can also find this article in our upcoming February Zawada Health newsletter. Interview with Ayla and Yashar of MINDSHIFT Ninja ( What is MINDSHIFT Ninja? MINDSHIFT Ninja is a brain-based coaching and leadership development company. We focus on optimizing human performance, empowering teams, and inspiring leadership. We create accessible, tangible, and sustainable brain-based programs to support our client’s growth. Why the mind? Your mind is your most powerful tool for breakthrough. We focus on the mind because it is a muscle, it can be trained and strengthened. You can transform your mind. Your world is shaped by your thinking. That is why MINDSHIFT Ninja focuses on empowering your thinking and helping you shape and sharpen your mind. Who do you work with? We offer dynamic, individual and group, coaching and workshops, for executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, and go-getters. We work with various clients from those interested in change management, leadership programs and starting new enterprises - all the way to relationship support, child labour and brain foods. In other words, brain-based coaching can empower your thinking and actions - for anyone, anywhere. You two have very different backgrounds how do you come together? We are both trained Brain-Based Executive Coaches. Our backgrounds in medicine and management help us combine the neurosciences, strategic planning, and mindfulness techniques to empower individuals and groups. Combining our talents allows us to help our clients do better by thinking better. Want to find out more? Learn more about Ayla and Yashar and MINDSHIFT Ninja. Follow them on twitter for some great tips. @MINDShiftNinja Check out Yashar’s spotlight interview conducted last month, stay tuned for Ayla’s spotlight on Feb 25th.

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